The 7 Ts of Raising Your Babies.


Touch is powerful!Psychologist place touch as a necessity to the growing up small humans.

Even dogs, cats and most domesticated animals enjoy touch.Years ago I read a research about some psychologists to prove that touch is essential .They took baby monkeys from the same mother and caged them  separately with a dummy (mother with  artificial tits and all).The other set of baby monkeys were in a cage with the mother.

After a while the baby monkeys with all food and milk(an artificial mother who can’t touch them) died.

I have had the privilege to be with my premature born boy.The best times are shower and massage time. He loves the massage immensely. Laughing his way through it all!

I carry him most of the times to work and to meetings that require my presence.He now knows how to get hold of my fingers and pat himself as he desires.

When touch is rare for some reason,he demands for it and clings to the maximum!When he was very small,he loved to be left alone kicking   the air while awake.I learnt to give him  space.But now he is a sucker of touch than ever before.Hugs,kisses,play time are good opportunities to touch.

Bond with your baby through touch and communicate very deeply through his/her pure soul.

Dads and moms who work away from home, must not delegate parenting to a nanny or domestic worker to do even there part.Create time for touch and bonding.Results will show in adulthood.

Nympha Mwanzia

CEO,Synergy Ventures & Services.


The Paramount 7 Ts Of Raising Your Babies.

Spending  quality Time is crucial. The benefits are invaluable,solving many deficiencies that tend to be traced back to infantry and early childhood.Not only does spending time with the baby is fundamental but also talk.

  • Talk

As much as the varied ages are in consideration,parents need to understand the pivotal  role in teaching the baby to express themselves by talking. Tantrums will illegally explode to demand attention but as much as possible parent do not entertain such ‘talk’. It is highly manipulative.

Talk to express need that a baby will reciprocate with affirmation or otherwise.For instance: Do you need food?…When one assumes they understand fully a child’s needs ,they will create a monster of circumstances when the baby is left under the care of others.

Talk to teach your child to be expressive and to have a positive image of themselves.Avoid vulgar talk towards the child or to others while in the child’s presence.You are in-scripting a wrong value in to your child.

I used to talk to my preemie while in the womb,incubator,as we walk and as long as the boy is around me.I charge the environment through positive talk.Circumstances have tried to make the environment unwholesome at times but it is the duty of the parent to keep the child well guarded to keep off every manner of defilement through talk.

Words have power to give life or death.Many children have been devastated by the words expressed while they are young.They may not remember a good phrase that was uttered yesterday but some times I easily remember harsh cruel words spoken while I was very young.Talk to release a resource to your baby not projections of your own circumstances.

Monitor even baby talk.Many times it tends to be an reflection of what is in the environment.Talk to transform.


Nympha Mwanzia –The Paramount 7T’s of Raising your babiesCEO Synergy ventures and services.







The Paramount 7T’s of Raising your babies

  1. Time
  2. Talk
  3. Touch
  4. Train
  5. Track
  6. Test
  7. Transform

Parenting is a full time job.The first holiday can be taken when the baby(ies) are 18 years and above! Of course the holiday part is on a light note but ,the former part is true and serious .For real!

Let us go through the above Ts one by one.

  • TIME

Recently, I received two whats app messages.One was a text and the other was a video.Both have similar messages but presented  differently.

The first whats app text was about a teacher who told her students in class to write  an essay/composition about “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up”.The teacher picked the books after the writing session and carried them home to mark the essays.At some point the husband saw the wife sobbing quietly, as she went on marking.He become concerned to know what is causing his wife such.She calmed  down and read to the husband a certain essay/composition from one of her students.

When I grow up I want to be a television.Because everyone gives attention to it.When my daddy arrives home he takes the remote and watches news and soccer late in to the night.

When my mother is at home she wants to watch all her favorite soap operas .The television receives all the time and attention; as for me I receive none.

The man blunted out in disgust who is that stupid boy?Can’t he understand the teacher’s query?

The teacher cum wife answered the husband.It is our son.

The second whats app video was about a girl who was sobbing while drawing on her note book.The teacher entered the class and asked the children in the kindergarten class.

“What Do you Want to Be When You Grow Up?”The babies answered enthusiastically about their ambitions.The little girl,now visibly sobbing was her turn to talk.

She said ,when I grow up I want to be a SMART PHONE…It is always in my daddy’s pocket.Though he never carries me.

Whenever it rings my mum picks it promptly and talks through it for long demanding that I remain quiet when the mum is busy chatting on the phone.

Daddy does not play with me but he loves playing games down loaded in his phone.He pushes me aside so that she does not interrupt his game.

When mum’s smart phone’s battery is low,she charges it immediately in order not to miss any call.”But. when I ask mummy  for food.

She said “She will give more time to answering the ringing phone rather than my cry for food”.

So,that is why I want to be  daddy or mummy’s smart phone.

Dear parent,I know you are a professional with a full schedule.Deliberately and consciously delegate some time daily or weekly to be with your boy/girl.

After a school day for those parents whose children are of school going age. Spare time to sit and have one on one chat. Let your child know that daddy/mum is never too busy for me.

Some children recited a poem that stated that many parents are suffering from TB…is it about tuberculosis? No way, Too Busy!

Parenting can never be delegated.Even if your child is chauffeured to school or the school bus carries him/her from school and back.Don’t delegate your child to the mercies of the education system.

Don’t delegate  to the nunny /domestic manager.

Doesn’t your conscious speak to you when you leave  home early in the morning before the baby wakes up and you get back home long after they have retired to bed?

My  boss and job allows me to carry my preemie to work. I pack his necessities in the morning and keep him engaged and also attend to his needs from time to time.

A quick reminder,do not substitute your involvement to give you son or daughter your best of time. Neither should you procrastinate spending time with your baby. You will definitely reap the benefits in the future.


Nympha Mwanzia-CEO Synergy Ventures & Services









Parenting Package pt.3

What do you think of parenting?

Probably you need to share with us. I choose to share my mind freely just to help someone in there parenting process.I personally didn’t get much encouragement in my process of pregnancy ,delivery and taking care of the preemie.That is why I broke a certain hindrance in me and decided to reach out to some parent out there.

Parents tend to over emphasis on feeding,clothing ,sheltering the bundle of joy from diverse effects of weather.From toys to education is also  taken care of by parents who want the best for their children.Right?A parent can have more than one job/business to meet needs/wants of the baby.

You deserve a pat on the back for giving yourself to rise up to the task of taking care of your baby’s needs.But,is that all?Really?Then, why do we have children who grow up exhibiting areas of need that were not met since childhood?Worse still, the deficiencies manifest when they grow up and have to either engage in vices or the parent labor some more; spending money and time engaging the services of  a counselor or in a rehabilitation centre .

7 Paramount T’s of raising up your babies.

  1. Time
  2. Talk
  3. Touch
  4. Train
  5. Track
  6. Test
  7. Transform



The Parenting Package pt. 2

Joy is the state of mind right?It is really not the haves or have not that makes one joyful.True?I do not know much about your position but for me and the way forward is just be joyful!

I lost the first pregnancy during the first trimester,got hospitalized for a week .God gave me full recovery and conception took place eight months later.

I enjoyed the first trimester immensely. No morning sickness ,nothing unusual. Such tranquility in my heart made it just fine.

But wait a minute,the second trimester was characterized by very intense pain . My gynecologist had put me on medication from the very first visit at  about forty five days after conception to preserve the pregnancy.She added pain killers to alleviate the pain in the second trimester to no avail.I joked with my husband in the morning before delivery that I have been in labor for too many months! Actually,I did not realize that I was in labor!

The  preemie was born in the 27th week and weighed 1.6 kilograms.

He was my first to hold and nurture.

I purposed to make the best out of the parenting process.That is why this blog is important.Don’t endure parenting enjoy it!

Have the right mind set with the understanding:-

  • parenting can NOT be delegated.God is the substructure of family and parenting.
  • Parenting is a calling,a developmental process that makes it an art and a skill to produce a holistic  and fully developed human being.
  • Parents have a responsibility to create a suitable internal and external environment that the baby sucks it into  his or her  pure soul.


Nympha Mwanzia- CEO Synergy Ventures and Services







The Parenting Package pt.1

I became a parent suddenly!

In a twinkling of an eye,the baby arrived while some friends were rushing me to the hospital.At 27 weeks,I thought  I had all the time to google more about babies and stages of development.Lo, and behold the baby is here!

I now understand the dilemma of first time parents as they come to terms with the new functionality(especially parents of a preemie.It can be emotionally overwhelming). Harvard university or even Oxford university are yet to offer degrees on parenting!

Some parents learn about parenting skills through the internet or even sharing with others who have gone this way before.

Parenting is a package.It can be very complex and challenging especially when the world has gone berserk with the parenting structures becoming weak and dysfunctional.

For me,the joy of raising a preemie is anchored on the mental posture that

  • parenting can NOT be delegated.God is the substructure of family and parenting.
  • Parenting is a calling,a developmental process that makes it an art and a skill to produce a holistic  and fully developed human being.
  • Parents have a responsibility to create a suitable internal and external environment that the baby sucks it into  his or her  pure soul.

Nympha Mwanzia

CEO- synergy Ventures and Services